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3080 San Pablo Dam Road, El Sobrante, CA 94803
510-669-0349Hours, everyday 8-6 pm

The Singh Family has owned the Detail Grand Prix at the far end of San Pablo Dam Road (near I-80) for over 15 years. The family bought the car wash in downtown El Sobrante, at 3080 San Pablo Dam Rd, a few months ago and transformed it into a HIGH-TECH drive through car wash. From the basic wash to automatic tire shine, rain-x, bug repellent, and sealant. Yes, you sit in your car and like magic pop out the other side all shiny and fresh. Rates are reasonable and service is fast.

Anne Skeffington talked with Joe Singh, the current manager, and brother of the owner of both Grand Prix locations. He is proud to be a part of thriving El Sobrante and is a long time resident of West County. He feels there is endless possibility for the growth and recognition of El Sobrante. He said the best part of El Sobrante is the people who live here.

The property looks clean, with new signage and vibrant eye-catching colors. It looks great. 

Congratulations and thank you, Singh Family.

May 2017 Business of the Month
Photo by Bob Sharp