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El Sobrante 
Chamber of Commerce
3769-B San Pablo Dam Rd. 
El Sobrante, Ca.  94803
Phone 510-223-0757

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President's Message
May / June 2015

       Over the past few months I have extended thanks to our local businesses for their patience, while repairs are being done on the San Pablo Dam Road. In addition, please accept my apologies for neglecting to thank our residents and daily commuters for this inconvenience. Construction will soon be over and I am confident the wait will be worth it.

Due to the increase in crime during the Summer months, your Chamber is organizing a Merchant Alert Workshop. Detailed information regarding the Workshop will be made available to you by the end of this June. We encourage you to “Take a few hours of your time - to help stop crime!”

Please take the time to read our, “Beautification Tips”, being published monthly in this Newsletter. If these suggestions and recommendations pertain to your business or property, we encourage you to be proactive, and take positive steps to make things happen. One small step at a time will, in the long run, be our giant step into making El Sobrante Valley Community an attractive and viable place to live.

What is your vision for El Sobrante? What action are you willing to take to shape our future? If you aren’t a member of our Chamber, then consider joining. We need your support. If you are unable to join, then your contribution to our Beautification Fund would be most welcome. As I have mentioned, monies collected will be used to supplement improvements that the County cannot further support.

We welcome your ideas and Maurice Abraham, Chair of the Beautification Committee, is most willing to share them with you.

With our extended sidewalks, our restaurants should consider seating in front of their store fronts, to attract customers. Our Beautification Committee suggests a coffee shop/stop for our bicyclists who participate in events that take them through our downtown, or Appian Way, cycling to the reservoir and beyond.

Business owners, please consider purchasing a street light banner. For those of you who have ordered them, they will be displayed immediately following the completion of the downtown Walkability Project.

PHASE 2 – APPIAN WAY- The County has notified me that their workshop for residents, business and property owners on Appian Way is being scheduled for July. You will be notified.

If you would like to stop by the Chamber Office at 3769-B San Pablo Dam Road to chat and share your vision, please contact me for an appointment. The office is open on a volunteer basis.


Marie Carayanis, President
El Sobrante Chamber of Commerce 
Chamber Office: 510-223-0757
Email: mariecofces@yahoo.com 
Cell: 510-387-0581

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.  
What's New
 The Beautification Tips Program

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