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El Sobrante 
Chamber of Commerce
3769-B San Pablo Dam Rd. 
El Sobrante, Ca.  94803
Phone 510-223-0757


We have a great opportunity to make our town really shine! That abandoned Arco gas station on San Pablo Dam Road, and the property behind it all the way to the creek, will be available for sale September 1st for $970,000. What if we, the people in the El Sobrante valley could buy it and turn it into a downtown park on the Dam Rd?! C4AGES is working hard to accomplish that and they have 501(c)3 status. I think that would really make our town an inviting place to walk around, and a place to spend time. The possible benefits are so numerous, they hardly fit on the page:
•  Venue for events and hub for community activity
•  Space for an El Sobrante Historical Museum in the Landmark Arco Station space
•  Provide a Café in the building as well 
•  Café will generate funds to help with maintenance
•  Park and building can provide a tax write-off for donors 
•  Provide environmental awareness and education
•  Access to San Pablo Creek and eventual creek boardwalk for future pedestrians and cyclists. Safer for both walkers and cyclists.
•  Enjoy a serene setting in an urban area along the creek
•  Keeps the aesthetic of cool green space, keeps oxygen production going, and absorbs some air pollution  
•  Addition of a park raises property and business values
•  Aids existing businesses as it draws community engagement
•  Attractive to new business  
•  Raises the economic potential of all businesses in the downtown area.
•  Advertising and activities at the park will slow down traffic 
•  Possible community garden of non-edibles and 
farmer’s  market

C4AGES stands for Citizens for a Greener El Sobrante, directed by Sharon Korotkin. This community group of volunteers has cleaned up many many little ugly places, on the Dam Road, and elsewhere in the valley. They meet on the 3rd Wednesday every month. On August 15 they will meet at 7 pm at 5424 Martis Ct, El Sobrante.

The C4AGES committee working on this property purchase plan a GoFundMe campaign, and will be approaching corporations as well as charitable groups for funding. If you can help, or want to donate toward the acquisition of the property, the park website is https://www.greenerelsobrante.org/downtown-park-project  
Sharon’s email is citizens@greenerelsobrante.org

Martha Booz, Editor and Website Publisher,                mlbooz@calnatives.com

Check out our Chamber website: elsobrantecachamber.org

Come to the 25th Anniversary STROLL!!
September 16, 
10 am - 4 pm
Between El Portal and Appian Way

Hundreds of Booths!
Delicious Food!
Parade at 11 am!

See You THERE!