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El Sobrante 
Chamber of Commerce
3769-B San Pablo Dam Rd. 
El Sobrante, Ca.  94803
Phone 510-223-0757
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I was honored and humbled to see so many members at the Installation Dinner on January 21st, where I was sworn in as the President of the Board for the coming year. Our Board has three new members, and 13 returning ones. I am excited about working together with this board and others to promote and improve our community.

Out-going President Marie Carayanis received a well-deserved thank you gift of an evening out at Walnut Creek’s Lesher Center with dinner. Knowing Marie, she will enjoy seeing Grease on stage, probably singing along. She is constantly on the move to promote El Sobrante and its businesses, residents and agencies, and will continue to serve the Chamber as Chair of the Membership Committee. Expect a visit from her or another member of her committee soon, as it is now time to renew your membership.

We live and work in an amazing corner of the world, diverse in cultures, beliefs, economic status and certainly opinions. The Chamber leadership and members have the challenge to harness that diverse energy by identifying what we share in common with each other rather than contrasting what our differences are. In fact the theme of this year’s El Sobrante Stroll, our 24th annual, will be “Celebrate Our Community”.

Together last year we completed improvements to the sidewalks and landscaping along San Pablo Dam Rd., and are now moving forward to improve Appian Way. Together we volunteer to clean the sidewalks, put on community events and support our businesses and non-profit organizations. While chambers in neighboring communities are closing up or combining with each other to survive, together we are growing in membership and volunteer opportunities. I promise you that if there is a need in our community we will find a way, together, to help.

Your individual talents and skills are needed to build an even stronger chamber and community. If you like to sew, cook, take photos, draw, make phone calls, type letters, stuff envelopes, wrap presents, make videos, tweet, dance, sing or play an instrument, we need you and we will find a way, together, to help you be of service.

If you have an idea or suggestion, you can contact me by phone at the chamber office, 510-223-0757, email at scotttuffnell@windermere.com, or tweet me at @tuffnell_scott .


CITIZEN OF THE YEAR 2016: Martha Booz

Business of the Year 2016: Oliver's Ace Hardware
Owner: Richard Oliver