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El Sobrante 
Chamber of Commerce
3769-B San Pablo Dam Rd. 
El Sobrante, Ca.  94803
Phone 510-223-0757


We hold dear in our hearts and minds those who were touched by the fires in our state. This brings to mind how important our relationships in our communities are. We are all members of more than one community; beyond our chamber “family” we belong to other communities as well, our neighborhood where we live, the group with whom we practice our spiritual beliefs and rituals, groups we celebrate with or ones we console. The loss of a physical community is devastating, and emphasizes the importance of our emotional community. We can be grateful for what we have, and should share with those who have lost their homes or family members this past month.

Our community continues to grow and change, and with the change come new opportunities. We have several vacant buildings along the Dam Rd. now, for new enterprises to come to our community. As a community we should come together to ensure that those who choose to join our neighborhoods know that we are here to support them, IF they in turn support our sense of what we want in our town. A chamber of commerce typically supports business efforts, but our chamber expands that vision to include what’s best for the whole community.

Art. II, Sec. 1 of the Chamber by-laws states:
“The objectives of the El Sobrante Chamber of Commerce shall be to help, develop, encourage, promote and protect the commercial and general business interest of the community of El Sobrante; promote civic interests and the general welfare of the community; to encourage the development of various resources in the El Sobrante area and to help provide a forum for the sentiments of the total community regarding matters affecting its interests.”

Many residents have heard recently of a proposed new neighbor coming to San Pablo Dam Rd., namely a medical clinic slated to move into 3563 San Pablo Dam Rd, three buildings west of the corner with El Portal Dr. The building is the one past the former Floor Dimensions building. At the same time, the Floor Dimensions building is being remodeled by a doctor for a physical therapy office.

The medical clinic would be providing basic medical services for residents in West County. One component of services is to provide methadone treatment to individuals addicted to opioids. This is a controversial topic for many people. The company planning to operate the clinic will present their planned operations at the next Municipal Advisory Committee meeting on November 8. Time and location are announced elsewhere in this newsletter.

I urge anyone who is concerned about this to go to this meeting with an open heart and mind. Please do not make up your mind that this is an all bad idea until you hear for yourself what is actually proposed for the site. I promise you that any plans you have heard about the facility up to now have been speculation only. Don’t allow anyone, even me, to tell you what is true and how to think. Do your own homework, make up your own mind, and support all your neighbors.  

Scott Tuffnell 

Come to the Hometown Holiday Faire

Saturday, November 25​
10 am to 4 pm

Masonic Lodge
5050 El Portal Drive
Richmond, CA

Crafts, gifts, Christmas decorations, local vendors work on display!

Proceeds to scholarship fund!