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El Sobrante 
Chamber of Commerce
3769-B San Pablo Dam Rd. 
El Sobrante, Ca.  94803
Phone 510-223-0757
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Next Month's Event
Breakfast Buffet!

President's Message

I am pleased to announce our first Small Business Networking Breakfast will be held on Wednesday, March 16, 2016, at 7:30 am at the Elk’s Lodge, 3931 San Pablo Dam Road. The topic is: ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), AND YOUR BUSINESS - IS IT AT RISK? DOES IT COMPLY? HOW CAN YOU PROTECT IT?  
Our speaker is an expert in his field and is familiar with our area. This information is of utmost importance, whether you are already in business or planning to start one. If our networking breakfast is well received, we will schedule quarterly meetings. Your input will assist us in the selection of topics. All are welcome. 

Your Chamber is currently supporting a proposed sidewalk project by the CC County Public Works Department, to add sidewalks between May Rd and Appian Way. That would improve pedestrian connectivity from residencies to downtown El Sobrante, Sheldon Elementary School and the El Sobrante Library. The proposed sidewalk improvements will provide pedestrians with a safe route, in place of walking in the parking lane or shoulder. Also, improved pedestrian infrastructure will encourage walking, rather than driving, which will support a more sustainable Community. 

Your Chamber’s goal this year is to encourage and engage our business owners to work together, not in a competitive environment, but with one that will join us together for the betterment of our Community. Our businesses offer unique services. Several of our businesses have made significant improvements, both within their establishments, as well as to the exterior, and we “Thank You.”

Have you made, or heard others make the statement - What has the Chamber ever done to support me? Your Chamber asks - What have you ever done to support your Chamber? 

Now is the time – we encourage you to join – we encourage you to volunteer!

Remember to honk, wave or say, Thank You, as you pass our business districts on a Saturday, for you will see volunteers proudly wearing green vests, working to beautify our streets and landscape. 


Marie Carayanis, President 
Email: mariecofces@yahoo.com
Cell: 510-387-0581
Chamber Office: 510-223-0757
President’s Message

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.